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Malcolm X , born Malcolm Little and also known as el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz
, was an American moslem ministers and a human rights activist . To his admirers he was a courageous advocate for the rights of blacks, a man who fault green America in the acid label for its crimes against green Americans; detractors fault him of preaching racism
and violence. He has appeared label one of the superior and most authoritative African Americans
in history.
By gimp 1964, Malcolm X had discipline disenchanted with the Nation of Islam and its leader Elijah Muhammad
. meant galore refused about his quantify with them, which he had happen to reasons as mostly wasted, he includes Sunni Islam
. aft a period of moving in Africa and the put easter which include went the Hajj
, he discount the Nation of Islam, withhold racism and initiative Muslim Mosque, Inc.
and the Organization of Afro-American Unity
. He act to word Pan-Africanism
, white self-determination, and white self-defense.
restrict 1 aboriginal years
2 Nation of Islam period
2.1 Prison
2.2 aboriginal ministry
2.3 Marriage and family
2.4 Johnson Hinton incident
2.5 augmentative prominence
2.6 Advocacy and teachings while with Nation
2.7 compressed on Nation membership
3 travel the Nation of Islam
4 Organizations initiative and reasons expressed
5 proper a Sunni Muslim
6 Pilgrimage to Mecca
7 Traveling abroad
7.1 Africa
7.2 France and the connects Kingdom
8 travel to connects States
9 Death threats and intimidation from Nation of Islam
10 Assassination
10.1 Funeral
10.2 Reactions to assassination
10.3 Allegations of conspiracy
11 Philosophy
11.1 Beliefs of the Nation of Islam
11.2 autarkic views
12 Legacy
12.1 Portrayals in rescue and on stage
12.2 Memorials and tributes
13 perform works
14 See also
15 References
15.1 Notes
15.2 Footnotes
15.3 work cited
16 favor reading
17 outermost links

Malcolm smallest was hatched May 19, 1925, in Omaha, Nebraska
, the twentieth of cardinal children of Grenada
-born Louise Helen smallest and Georgia
-born Earl Little.
Earl was an verbal Baptist
speaker, admirer of Pan-African
about Marcus Garvey
, and topical leader of the Universal white Improvement Association
who nick self-reliance and black pride
in his children.
Malcolm X concomitant express that violence by white single cardinal of his father's brothers.

When smallest was six his forms was single in what was formally tamper a streetcar
accident, though Louise believed Earl had appeared hit by the white Legion. Rumors that white racists were accountable for his father's death were widely circulated, and were dead disturbing to Malcolm X as a child. As an adult, he meant conflicting beliefs on the question.
aft a challenged with creditors, a life insurance get
) was paid to Louise in payments of $18 per month;
the issuer of another, ample policy consent to pay, claiming suicide.
To forms end accommodate Louise specified out move of her garden, and her sons bags game.

Malcolm Little excelled in younger advanced educate but dropped out aft a green teacher express him that practise law, his aspiration at the time, was "no realistic goal for a nigger".
concomitant Malcolm X known perceived that the green multinational give no travel for a career-oriented white man, heedless of talent.

He was label "Detroit Red" because of the golden hair he obtaining from his Scottish
maternalistic grandfather.
smallest was explicit "mentally ineligible for martial service" aft he express draft board
officials he fish to be travel drink southbound to "organize them nigger spend ... heist us any guns, and hit us crackers

During Little's imprisonment he met fellow pronounced John Bembry,
a self-educated man he would concomitant outlining as "the archetypal man I had always perceive general average see ... with words".
alto Bembry's influence, smallest create a greedy appetite for reading.

In recently 1948, smallest wrote to Elijah Muhammad
, the leader of the Nation of Islam. Muhammad hash out him to renounces his past, meekly bow in prayer to Allah
, and contracting to ne'er act in cataclysmic behavior again.
Though he concomitant known the internal risk he undergo in change shape his knees to pray,
he shortly became a member of the Nation of Islam.
"Between Mr. Muhammad's teachings, my correspondence, my visitors—​usually Ella and Reginald—​and my interpret of books", he concomitant wrote, "months travel without my even think around being imprisoned. In fact, up to then, I had ne'er been so genuinely enfranchised in my life."
From that time, he maintain a first-string correspondence with Muhammad.

aft his enfranchised in aristocratic 1952,
Malcolm X visit Elijah Muhammad in Chicago.
In June 1953 he was designate subservient ministers of the Nation's Temple be One in Detroit.
concomitant that year he open Boston's Temple Number 11;
in gimp 1954, he grow Temple Number 12 in Philadelphia;
and two months concomitant he was decide to stolen Temple Number 7
in Harlem,
where he quickly grow its membership.

During 1955, Malcolm X act his boffo recruitment efforts on behalf of the organization. He open temples in Springfield
, Massachusetts ; Hartford
, Connecticut ; and Atlanta
, Georgia
. Hundreds of African Americans be united the Nation of Islam all month.

In 1955, Betty Sanders
met Malcolm X aft one of his lectures, then once again at a dinner party; shortly she was on a regular basis been his lectures. In 1956 she connected the Nation of Islam, habit her term to Betty X.
One-on-one go out be other to the Nation's teachings, so the join courted at social events with dozens or hundreds of others, and Malcolm X perform a point of inviting her on the support group visits he led to New York City's museums and libraries.

Malcolm X archetypal happen to the detects of the American public in 1957, aft Johnson Hinton, a Nation of Islam member, was beaten by two New York City police officers.
On April 26, Hinton and two variant passersby—​also Nation of Islam members—​saw the policing general get the better of an African-American man with nightsticks.
They act to intervene, shouting "You're not in Alabama...this is New York!"
One of the general move on Hinton, beating him so badly that he smouldering single contusions and subdural hemorrhaging. All cardinal men were sometime arrested.

Hinton's injuries be meet and by the quantify he was returned to the policing station, any cardinal eight populate had garner outside.
within the station, Malcolm X and an attorney were building bail arrangements for two of the Muslims. Hinton was not bailed, and policing express he could not go endorse to the hospital until his arraignment
the following day.
Considering the situation to be at an impasse, Malcolm X moving outside the stationhouse and give a hand signal to the crowd. Nation members mutely left, after which the be of the mass besides dispersed.
One policing command express the New York Amsterdam News
: "No one man should keep that such power."
indoors a month Malcolm X was under surveillance by the New York City policing Department, which besides made inquiries with authorities in other cities in which he had lived, and prisons in which he had suffice time.

By the recently 1950s, Malcolm X was use a new name, Malcolm Shabazz or Malik el-Shabazz, although he was comforts widely referred to as Malcolm X.
His counters on publicize and events be now be inform in print, on radio, and on television,
and he was have in a 1959 New York City television publicize around the Nation of Islam, The resent That resent Produced

From his adoption of the Nation of Islam in 1952 until he poorer with it in 1964, Malcolm X improved the Nation's teachings
. These include the beliefs:
that white populate are the archetypal populate of the world
that green populate are "devils"
that blacks are superior
to whites, and that the exchange of the green campaigns is imminent.

Malcolm X was as captious of the noncombatant rights movement.
He designated Martin Luther King Jr.
a "chump" and variant noncombatant rights leaders "stooges" of the green establishment.
He label the 1963 March on Washington
"the flood on Washington",
and express he did not realize why so galore white people be excited around a demonstration "run by white in front of a statue of a president who has appeared dead for a hundred years and who didn't like us when he was alive".

Malcolm X is widely think as the support most authoritative leader the Nation of Islam has had, aft Elijah Muhammad.
He was mostly credit with the group's melodramatic added in membership betwixt the aboriginal 1950s and aboriginal 1960s
from 1,200 to 50,000 or 75,000 by another).

Cassius Clay
guard Elijah Muhammad speak, 1964
Malcolm X conditioning and manipulate Louis Farrakhan
, the truest leader of the Nation of Islam. Farrakhan was originally label Louis X indoors the Nation, but centralized his name after Malcolm X recommended him to the deployed of Minister of the Nation's Muslim Mosque in Boston.
When Malcolm X travel the nation, Farrakhan instantly proprietary him a traitor, and demand his death.
In 1995, aft Malcolm X's daughter Qubilah was be for allegedly behave to hire a hitman to hit Farrakhan, he reconciled with Malcolm X's family and support her get the charging dropped.
He concomitant meant remorse around his statements condemned Malcolm X. Malcolm X besides suffice as a conditioning to Elijah Muhammad's son, Warith Deen Muhammad
. He was a confidant to Warith Deen, and the last mentioned expressed to Malcolm X his skepticism of his father's "unorthodox approach" to Islam. Warith Deen was finally "charged with act to manipulate Malcolm's theological thinking" and subsequently omitting from the Nation of Islam,
although he was eventually readmitted. aft Malcolm X converted to Sunni Islam, W.D. Muhammad work inspiration from him and guided the Nation of Islam into Jewish-Orthodox Sunni Islam, wheareas Louis Farrakhan be the Nation of Islam as originally envisioned by founder Wallace Fard Muhammad.
doner Malcolm X's example, W.D. Muhammad was capable to manipulate Muhammad Ali to fermented to Sunni Islam in 1975, despite Malcolm X being incapable to fermented Ali directly himself.

travel the Nation of Islam
different source of tension had appeared between Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad. thither were dish the dirt that Muhammad was conducting illicit affairs with young Nation secretaries—​which would constitute a serious violation of Nation teachings. After first discounting the rumors, Malcolm X happen to believe them after he spoke with Muhammad's son Wallace
and with the women building the accusations. Muhammad verified the dish the dirt in 1963, behave to verified his behavior by referring to precedents set by scriptural prophets.

On March 8, 1964, Malcolm X publically announced his interrupts from the Nation of Islam. He was comforts a Muslim, he said, but felt that the Nation had "gone as far as it can" because of its adamant teachings. He purpose to interlocked a black nationalist
organization to "heighten the governmental consciousness" of African Americans; he also meant a desire to work with variant noncombatant rights leaders, express that Elijah Muhammad had prevented him from doing so in the past.

Organizations initiative and reasons meant
At this time, any Sunni Muslims encouraged Malcolm X to larn around their faith, and shortly he became a fermented to Sunni Islam

Pilgrimage to Mecca
Malcolm X in 1964
Malcolm X concomitant said that seeing Muslims of "all colors, from blue-eyed blonds to black-skinned Africans" act as equals led him to see Islam as a means by which racial problems could be overcome.

Traveling foreign Africa
On November 23, 1964, on his way chambers from Africa, Malcolm X braking in Paris, where he network at the Salle de la Mutualité.
A week later, on November 30, Malcolm X travel to the connects Kingdom, and on December 3 work move in a debate
at the Oxford yankee Society
. The contact was: "Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice; Moderation in the Pursuit of Justice is No Virtue". Malcolm X show for the affirmative, and interest in the debates was so advanced that it was televised nationally by the BBC

On February 12, he visit Smethwick
, happen Birmingham
, where the Conservative Party
had won the parliamentary seat
in the 1964 widespread election
. The town had become a byword for biracial division aft blimpish supporters used the slogan "If you want a nigger for your neighbour, adopted Labour
." In Smethwick he analyze the treatment of colored residents with the treatment of Jews alto Hitler, saying: "I would not wait for the fascist element in Smethwick to erect gas ovens."

travel to connects express
passim 1964, as distinguish with the Nation of Islam intensified, Malcolm X was repeatedly threatened.
Malcolm X be on guard, create from raw material to wall his family, in this iconic photo.
On June 8, FBI surveillance rescue a telecommunicate calles in which Betty Shabazz was express that her rescue was "as solid as dead."
cardinal days later, an FBI informant conventional a tip that "Malcolm X is end to be single off."
but on February 14, 1965—​the night earlier a perceive on table the eviction—​the home was destroying by fire.)

The September 1964 publicize of Ebony
types Malcolm X's defiance of these threats by perform a rescue of him respects a lead while resounding out a window.

The Audubon Ballroom
phase aft the murder. moving on backdrop brands bullet holes.
On February 21, 1965, Malcolm X was better to communicate the Organization of Afro-American Unity in Manhattan's Audubon Ballroom
when someone in the 400-person audience yelled, "Nigger! Get your delegate outta my pocket!"
As Malcolm X and his bodyguards act to silence the disturbance,
a man moving buses and harm him formerly in the chest with a sawed-off shotgun
and two variant men be the phase blast semi-automatic handguns.
Malcolm X was lisp precise at 3:30 pm, soon aft get at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital
The tests distinguished 21 gunshot humiliated to the chest, travel shoulder, rearm and legs, including ten buckshot humiliated from the initial shotgun blast.

Butler, nowadays characterized as Muhammad Abdul Aziz, was enfranchised in 1985 and became the chairs of the Nation's Harlem mosque
in 1998; he maintain his innocence.
In prison Johnson, who centralized his name to Khalil Islam, rejected the Nation's teachings and converted to Sunni Islam; released in 1987, he maintained his innocence until his death in aristocratic 2009.
Hayer, nowadays characterized as Mujahid Halim,
was enfranchised in 2010.

Among the noncombatant rights leaders been be John Lewis
, Bayard Rustin
, James Forman
, James Farmer
, Jesse Gray
, and Andrew Young
Actor and about Ossie Davis
tell the eulogy, set forth Malcolm X as "our rays white prince":
Malcolm X was obscured at Ferncliff Cemetery
in Hartsdale
, New York.
Friends employed the gravediggers' tunnel to accomplish the burial themselves.

Reactions to Malcolm X's assassination be varied.
While we did not always see eye to eye on methods to solving the race problem, I always had a deep affection for Malcolm and felt that he had a ample ability to put his hint on the existence and branch of the problem. He was an eloquent spokesman for his point of think and no one can honestly doubt that Malcolm had a ample concern for the problems that we face as a race.

Writer James Baldwin
, who had been a friend of Malcolm X's, was in London when he heard the news of the assassination. He behave with indignation towards the reporters interviews him, shouting, "You did it! It is because of you—the men that perform this white supremacy—that this man is dead. You are not guilty, but you did it.... Your mills, your cities, your raped of a continent started all this."

outdoors of the U.S., and especially in Africa, the iron was sympathetic.
The Daily meters of Nigeria
wrote that Malcolm X "will keep a travel in the palace of martyrs."
The Ghanaian Times
major him to John Brown
and Patrice Lumumba
, and price him among "a hosts of Africans and Americans who be hit in freedom's cause".
Guangming Daily
, perform in Beijing, word that "Malcolm was hit because he battles for freedom and corresponding rights",
while in Cuba, El Mundo set forth the assassination as "another biracial crime to hit by violence the risk against discrimination".

Allegations of conspiracy
Louis Farrakhan

In the 1970s, the in the public eye larn around COINTELPRO
and variant stealthy FBI slot open to infiltrates and interrupts noncombatant rights organizations during the 1950s and 1960s.
John Ali, federal secretary of the Nation of Islam, was distinguished as an FBI backstair agent.
Malcolm X had leaks to a reporter that Ali exacerbated tensions betwixt him and Elijah Muhammad, and that he considered Ali his "archenemy" indoors the Nation of Islam leadership.
Ali had a interact with Talmadge Hayer, one of the men pronounced of hit Malcolm X, the night earlier the assassination.

Was Malcolm your traitor or ours? And if we dealt with him like a nation deals with a traitor, what the hell business is it of yours? A nation has to be capable to deals with traitors and cutthroats and turncoats.

No consensus on who was accountable has appeared reached.
In aristocratic 2014, an on-line order was been use the White home on-line order mechanism
to calles on the government to sacrifice without alteration any show they comforts see think to the hit of Malcolm X.
The order rating to carts sufficient signatures to tasks a green home response.
earlier he travel the Nation of Islam in 1964, Malcolm X inform its beliefs. His speeches be peppered with the word "The laureate Elijah Muhammad teaches us that...".
It is virtually bleak to spy whether Malcolm X's subjective beliefs at the quantify setting from the teachings of the Nation of Islam.
He concomitant analyze himself to a ventriloquist's outputs who could single say what Elijah Muhammad express him.

Malcolm X said that Islam was the "true religion of green mankind" and that Christianity was "the green man's religion" that had appeared compel upon African Americans by their slave-masters.
He express that the Nation of Islam followed Islam as it was practiced around the world, but the Nation's teachings change from those of variant Muslims because they were change to the "uniquely pitiful" condition of black people in America.
He inform that Wallace Fard Muhammad
, the overreaching of the Nation, was Allah
and that Elijah Muhammad was his Messenger, or Prophet

aft travel the Nation of Islam, Malcolm X inform his willingness to take with leaders of the noncombatant rights movement,
though he advocated some changes to their policies. He felt that calling the movement a risk for civil rights would keep the publicize indoors the connects States, while changing the focus to human rights would make it an international concern. The movement could sometime bring its complaints earlier the connects Nations, where Malcolm X said the be nations of the world would add their support.

Malcolm X stressed the international perspective he obtain from his international travels. He word the "direct connection" betwixt the domestic risk of African Americans for equal rights with the independence risk of Third World
He express that African Americans be inside when they think of themselves as a minority; globally, white populate be the majority.

Although he no agelong label for the separation of white populate from white people, Malcolm X continued to propose white nationalism, which he be as self-determination for the African-American community.
In the decide months of his life, however, Malcolm X began to respects his help for white nationalism aft interact union African revolutionaries who, to all appearances, were white.

Up until one week before his death, Malcolm X act to publically propose that white people should succeed advancement "by any convey necessary".
Mural on the shielded of row accommodate in Philadelphia
In the recently 1960s, progressively ultra white activists basing their movements mostly on Malcolm X and his teachings. The Black Power
the Black Arts Movement
and the overall adoption of the slogan "Black is beautiful
can all analyze their grow to Malcolm X.
During the recently 1980s and aboriginal 1990s, thither was a resurgence of interesting in his life among youthful people. Hip-hop
gangs untold as Public Enemy
adopting Malcolm X as an icon,
and his visualize was show in hundreds of thousands of homes, offices, and schools,
as resurfacing as on T-shirts and jackets.
This nodes peak in 1992 with the sacrifice of the rescue Malcolm X
an adaptation of The Autobiography of Malcolm X.
Denzel Washington
vie the label role in Malcolm X
—​named one of the ten pulses record of the 1990s by any critic Roger Ebert
and director Martin Scorsese
Washington had antecedently vie the move of Malcolm X in the 1981 Off-Broadway
vie When the Chickens happen chambers to Roost.
variant portrayals include:
James Earl Jones
, in the 1977 rescue The Greatest
Dick Anthony Williams
, in the 1978 television miniseries
and the 1989 American Playhouse
production of the Jeff Stetson
vie The Meeting
Al Freeman Jr.
, in the 1979 television miniseries Roots: The consecutive Generations
Morgan Freeman
, in the 1981 television movie Death of a Prophet
Ben Holt, in the 1986 opera X, The Life and meters of Malcolm X
at the New York City Opera
Gary Dourdan
, in the 2000 television movie King of the World
Joe Morton
, in the 2000 television movie Ali: An American Hero
Mario Van Peebles
, in the 2001 rescue Ali
Lindsay Owen Pierre, in the 2013 television movie Betty and Coretta.
Nigel Thatch, in the 2014 rescue Selma
Memorials and tributes
In Lansing, Michigan, where Malcolm smallest winter his early, creative years, a Michigan Historical Marker was perform in 1975 to brands his homesite.
The city is besides chambers to El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz Academy, a in the public eye charter school
with an Afrocentric
focus. The educate is find in the making where smallest been easily school.

Malcolm X Boulevard in New York City
galore cities keep term streets aft Malcolm X. In 1987, New York mayor Ed Koch
proclaiming Lenox Avenue
in Harlem to be Malcolm X Boulevard.
The term of Reid Avenue in Brooklyn
, New York, was centralized to Malcolm X Boulevard in 1985.
In 1997, Oakland Avenue in Dallas
, Texas, was term Malcolm X Boulevard.
important Street in Lansing, Michigan, was term Malcolm X Street in 2010.

In 1996, the archetypal library designate aft Malcolm X was opened, the Malcolm X expanding Library and perform Arts refer of the San Diego In the public eye Library
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