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: الله‎ Allāh, IPA: 
  is the Arabic
vent for God
The vent has cognates
in variant Semitic languages
, include Elah in Aramaic
, ʾĒl
in Canaanite
and Elohim
in Hebrew

restrict 1 Etymology
2 Usage
2.1 Nabataeans
2.2 Pre-Islamic Meccans
2.3 Islam
2.4 Christianity
2.5 Judaism
3 As a loanword
3.1 English and variant European languages
3.2 malay and Indonesian language
3.3 In variant types and languages
4 Typography
4.1 Unicode
5 See also
6 Notes
7 References
8 outermost links

The titled Allāh is derives from a contraction
of the Arabic certain oblige al-
"the" and ilāh
"deity, god" to al-lāh convey "the deity, God" .
of the term "Allāh" existing in variant Semitic languages
, include Hebrew
and Aramaic
The tally Aramaic
perform is Elah , but its stressed note is Elaha . It is graphic as ܐܠܗܐ in Biblical Aramaic
and ܐܲܠܵܗܵܐ in Syriac
as employed by the Assyrian Church
, any convey merely "God".
Biblical Hebrew
largely use the plural perform Elohim
, but more than seldom it besides use the bonzer perform Eloah . In the Sikh
scripture of Guru Granth Sahib
, the titled allah is employed 37 times.

thither is a Unicode
scratch for the vent Allāh, ﷲ = U+FDF2.
galore Arabic write fonts have circumstantial ligatures
for allah.

Many inscriptions containing the term allah keep appeared detects in Northern and Southern Arabia as aboriginal as the 5th century B.C., include Lihyanitic
, Thamudic
and southbound Arabian inscriptions.

The term allah was employed by Nabataeans
in integrated names, untold as "Abd Allah" , "Aush Allah" , "Amat Allah" , "Hab Allah" , "Han Allah" , "Shalm Allah" , while the term "Wahab allah" was open passim the intact region of the Nabataean

Meccans revere him and Al-lāt
, Al-‘Uzzá
, Manāt
as his daughters. any Jews might keep considered Uzair
to be his son. Christians and Hanifs
employed the titled 'Bismillah', 'in the titled of Allah' and the titled allah to refer to the maximum Deity in Arabic stone inscriptions centuries before Islam.

Islam important article: God in Islam
See also: Names of God in the Qur'an
Medallion show "allah Jalla Jalaluhu
" in Hagia Sophia
, Istanbul
, Turkey.
In moslem tradition, thither are 99 designate of God
, all of which evoke a antithetic diagnostic of allah.
All these designate involves to allah, the maximum and all-comprehensive perceived name.
Among the 99 names of God, the most famous and most frequent of these names are "the Merciful" " title="Rahman ">al-Raḥmān
) and "the Compassionate" .

thither are reliable convey in exalted of God that are further by Muslims, include "Subḥān Allāh
" , "al-ḥamdu lillāh
" , "lā ilāha illā Allāh
" and "Allāhu akbar
" as a prayerful work of known God .
In a Sufi
practise characterized as dhikr Allah , the Sufi talk and think on the term allah or variant divine names while controlling his or her breath.

match to Francis Edwards Peters
, "The Qur’ān
insists, Muslims believe, and historians reaffirms that Muhammad
and his followers revere the aforesaid God as the Jews . The Qur’an's allah is the aforesaid Creator God who pledge with Abraham
". Peters express that the Qur'an constitute allah as any more powerful and more outlying than Yahweh, and as a comprehensive deity, unlike Yahweh who closely follows Israelites

Arab Christians
keep employed two manufactured of invocations that be affixed
to the beginning of their graphic works. They adopting the moslem bismillāh, and besides perform their own Trinitized bismillāh as early as the 8th century CE.
The moslem bismillāh reads: "In the term of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful." The Trinitized bismillāh reads: "In the term of forms and the Son and the holiest Spirit, One God." The Syriac
, Latin
and Greek
invocations do not keep the express "One God" at the end. This addition was perform to word the monotheistic
aspect of Trinitian belief and besides to forms it more than toothsome to Muslims.

any archeological excavation desire keep led to the discovery of past pre-Islamic
inscriptions and tombs perform by Arabic-speaking Christians
in the burning of a execute at Umm el-Jimal
in union Jordan
, which contained write to Allah as the becoming term of God, and some of the grave contained designate untold as "Abd Allah" which convey "the servant/slave of allah".

A Christian leader named Abd Allah ibn Abu Bakr ibn Muhammad was hit in Najran in 523 AD, as he had wear a ring that express "allah is my lord".

In pre-Islamic Gospels, the term employed for God was "allah", as testify by any detects Arabic versions of the New Testament
graphic by Arab Christians
during the pre-Islamic era in union and confederate Arabia

"allah" was besides think of in pre-Islamic Christian poems by any Ghassanid
and Tanukhid
poets in Syria
and union Arabia

Judaism important articles: Mizrahi Jews
and Names of God in Judaism

In judaic scripture Elohim
is employed as a descriptive label for the God of the scriptures, whose subjective term is YHWH
, Elohim is besides employed for plural irreligious gods.

As a loanword English and variant European languages move of a series
on Islam
of God
Revealed books
Day of Resurrection
Profession of faith
and laws
Ahl al-Bayt
Spread of Islam
and society
Related topics
Criticism of Islam
Islam and variant religions
Islam portal

Languages which may not ordinarily use the titled allah to denote God may comforts contain favorite expressions which use the word. For example, because of the centuries long Muslim presence in the Iberian Peninsula
, the vent ojalá in the Spanish language and oxalá in the Portuguese language
existing today, gotten from Arabic
. This word literally convey 'if God wills' .
The German poet Mahlmann
used the perform "allah" as the label of a poem around the crowning deity, though it is vague how such moslem think he intended to convey.
Christians in Malaysia and Indonesia use allah to involves to God in the Malaysian
and Indonesian languages
Mainstream Bible translations in the language use allah as the translation of hebraic Elohim
This end endorse to aboriginal translation take by Francis Xavier
in the 16th century.
The archetypal dictionary of Dutch-Malay by Albert Cornelius Ruyl, Justus Heurnius, and Caspar Wiltens in 1650 rescue "allah" as the translation of the Dutch vent "Godt
Ruyl besides repeated Matthew
in 1612 to malaysian language
), which was perform in the Netherlands in 1629. sometime he repeated Mark
which was perform in 1638.

As a reaction to any media criticism, the malay government has announcing a "10-point solution" to avoids confusion and take information.
The 10-point solution is in lining with the spirits of the 18
- and 20-point agreements
of Sarawak and Sabah.

In variant types and languages
The vent Allāh is ever graphic without an alif
to spells the ā vowel. This is because the recite was improved before Arabic recite been habitually using alif to spells ā. However, in vocalized spelling, a small discriminating alif is added on top of the shaddah
to tell the pronunciation.
has a codepoint order for Allāh, ﷲ‎ = U+FDF2, in the Arabic Presentation Forms-A
block, which existing exclusively for "compatibility with any older, legacy scratch travel that encoded presentation manufactured directly",
which is discouraged for new text. Instead, the word Allāh should be represented by its individual Arabic letters, while modern font technologies will render the desired ligature.
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una Newsletter
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