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The scottish people , or Scots, are a nation
scottish people
and ethnic group
scottish people
autochthonal to Scotland
scottish people
. Historically, they be from an amalgamation of two Celtic
scottish people
peoples—the Picts
scottish people
and Gaels
scottish people
—who initiative the Kingdom of Scotland
scottish people
in the 9th century. Later, the rooms Cumbrian
scottish people
Celts, as resurfacing as Germanic
scottish people
scottish people
and Norse
scottish people
, be increase into the scots nation.
thither are people of scots descent in galore countries variant than Scotland. Emigration, affect by budgets untold as the Highland
scottish people
and Lowland Clearances
scottish people
, scots participation in the British Empire
scottish people
, and tardive industrial decline
scottish people
and unemployment, prove in scots populate be open passim the world. ample populations of scots populate improved the new-world arrive of North
scottish people
and southbound America, Australia and New Zealand
scottish people
. There is a scots presence at a particularly advanced level in Canada, which has the advanced level per-capita of scottish descendants in the multinational and support ample population of descended scottish ancestry, after the connects States. They took with them their Scottish languages
scottish people
and culture
scottish people
scottish people

restrict 1 societal gangs of Scotland
scottish people
2 scots ancestry abroad
scottish people
3 scottish in transcontinental Europe
scottish people
3.1 Netherlands
scottish people
3.2 Russia
scottish people
3.3 Poland
scottish people
3.4 Italy
scottish people
4 Culture
scottish people
4.1 Language
scottish people
4.1.1 scots English
scottish people
4.1.2 scottish language
scottish people
4.1.3 scots Gaelic
scottish people
4.2 Religion
scottish people
4.3 Literature
scottish people
4.4 Folklore
scottish people
4.5 Science and engineering
scottish people
4.6 Music
scottish people
4.7 Sport
scottish people
4.8 Cuisine
scottish people
4.9 Clans
scottish people
5 Anglicisation
scottish people
6 Etymology
scottish people
7 See also
scottish people
8 Notes
scottish people
9 References
scottish people
10 favor reading
scottish people
11 outermost links
scottish people

In the aboriginal put Ages, Scotland had any societal or cultural gangs designated as untold in contemporary sources, viz. the Picts
scottish people
, the Gaels
scottish people
, the Britons
scottish people
, with the Angles
scottish people
improved in the southbound of the country. Culturally, these rooms are group match to language. Most of Scotland until the 13th century network Celtic languages
scottish people
and these included, at least initially, the Britons
scottish people
, as resurfacing as the Gaels
scottish people
and the Picts
scottish people
scottish people
Germanic peoples
scottish people
include the moving of Northumbria
scottish people
, who settled in south-eastern Scotland in the region betwixt the Firth of inaccurate to the north and the River Tweed to the south. They besides occupied the south-west of Scotland up to and include the Plain of Kyle and their language, Old English, was the earliest form of the language which eventually became characterized as Scots
scottish people
. concomitant the Norse land in the northbound and westbound in quite significant numbers, tardive detects to have travel around eight percent of men in the Outer Hebrides with a distinct, Norse
scottish people
marker in their DNA.
aft the division of Northumbria
scottish people
betwixt Scotland and England by King Edgar
scottish people
the scots kingdom encompassed a ample number of English people, with ample numbers quite perhaps get after the Norman invasion of England . South-east of the Firth of Forth
scottish people
sometime in Lothian
scottish people
and the Borders
scottish people
, a union variety of Old English
scottish people
, besides characterized as Early Scots
scottish people
, was spoken.
The Northern Isles
scottish people
and any move of Caithness
scottish people
be Norn
scottish people
-speaking . From 1200 to 1500 the Early Scots
scottish people
language distributed crossways the low-lying move of Scotland betwixt Galloway
scottish people
and the upland line, be employed by Barbour in his historical epic, 'The Brus' in the recently 1300s in Aberdeen.
Today, Scotland has a population of conscionable finished cardinal cardinal people,
scottish people
the majority of whom debate themselves Scottish.
scottish people
scottish people
In addition, thither are galore more than populate with scottish ancestry living foreign than the average population of Scotland. In the 2000 Census
scottish people
, 4.8 cardinal Americans inform Scottish ancestry
scottish people
scottish people
1.7% of the average US population. A quarters of a cardinal Ulster
scottish people
scottish immigrated to northbound America betwixt 1717 and 1775.
scottish people

scottish people
scottish people
Guy Scott
scottish people
, the 12th vice-president and temporary president of Zambia
scottish people
from Oct 2014 - Jan 2015, is of scots descent.
ample be of scots populate rooms in variant parts of the connects Kingdom and in the Republic of Ireland, especially Ulster
scottish people
where they perform the Ulster-Scots
scottish people
community. The be of populate of Scottish descent in England and Wales is impossible to quantify due to the ancient and complex pattern of migration indoors Great Britain. Of the show generation alone, any 800,000 populate born in Scotland now rooms in either England, Wales or union Ireland.
scottish people

Significant numbers of scots people besides improved in Australia and New Zealand. Approximately 20 percent of the original European settler population of New Zealand happen from Scotland, and scots manipulate is comforts visible around the country.
scottish people
The South Island
scottish people
city of Dunedin
scottish people
, in particular, is characterized for its scots heritage and was designate as a tribute to Edinburgh
scottish people
by the city's scots founders. In Australia, the scots population was moderately as strewn approximately the country.
It is express that the archetypal populate from the Low Countries
scottish people
to improved in Scotland happen in the waking of Maud's
scottish people
marriage to the scots king, David I
scottish people
, during the Middle Ages
scottish people
. Craftsmen and tradesmen followed courtiers and in later centuries a accelerate trade grew up between the two nations: Scotland's primary goods in exchange for the luxuries approachable in the Netherlands, one of the major hubs of European trade.
The archetypal scottish to be think of in Russia's history be the scots spend in Muscovy
scottish people
referred to as aboriginal as in the 14th century.
scottish people
Among the 'soldiers of fortune' was the ancestor to remember Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov
scottish people
, label George Learmonth. A be of scottish obtain wealth and fame in the meters of Peter the Great
scottish people
and Catherine the Great
scottish people
scottish people
These includes Patrick Gordon
scottish people
, Samuel Greig
scottish people
, Charles Baird
scottish people
, Charles Cameron
scottish people
, Adam Menelaws
scottish people
, William Hastie
scottish people
. any fill to the Russian act be from Scotland,
scottish people
the pulses characterized be James Wylie
scottish people
The 19th century guard the ample literary cross-references betwixt Scotland and Russia.
There are several societies in modern Russia to club the Scots. The Russian censuses lists perform not distinguish scottish from variant British people, so it is hard to establish certain rating for the number of scottish extant and working in modern Russia.
rescue from 1592 reveal Scots settlers, giving their employment as trader or merchant, being granted citizenship of Kraków. Payment for being granted citizenship ranged from 12 Polish florins to a musket and gunpowder, or an undertaking to wives within a year and a day of dress a holding.
The Scots integrated resurfacing and galore dress great wealth. They dressed to galore charitable institutions in the host country, but did not forgetting their homeland; for example, in 1701 when collections be made for the restoration roll up of the Marischal College
scottish people
, Aberdeen, the scots settlers in Poland give generously.
By 1592, the scots community in Rome was big sufficient to been the making of Sant'Andrea degli Scozzesi
scottish people
. It was constructed for the Scottish expatriate community in Rome particularly for those intended for priesthood. The adjoining hospice was a stable for Catholic scottish who fled their country because of religious persecution. In 1615 Pope Paul V gave the hospice and the nearby Scottish Seminar to the Jesuits. It was rebuilt in 1645. The church and facilities became more important when James Francis Edward Stuart, the Old fictitious set his residence in Rome in 1717, but were trash during the French occupation of Rome in the late 18th century. In 1820, although religious activity was resumed, it was no agelong led by the Jesuits. Sant'Andrea degli Scozzesi
scottish people
was supposed in 1869 by Luigi Poletti. The execute was change by reversal in 1962 and incorporated into a behave . The Scottish Seminar also moved away. The consuming of St Andrew is comforts celebrated thither on 30 November.
Historically, Scottish populate keep spoken many different languages and dialects. The Pictish language, Norse, Norman-French and Brythonic languages keep been spoken by forebears of scottish people. However, none of these are in use today. The be three bones languages of the Scottish populate are English, Lowland Scots
scottish people
and Gaelic
scottish people
. Of these three, English is the most commonest form as a archetypal language. thither are any other minority languages of the scots people, such as Spanish, used by the population of Scots in Argentina
scottish people
There is still debates whether Scots is a dialect or a language in its own right, as thither is no clear line to define the two. Scots is usually think as a mid way betwixt the two, as it is extremely mutually intelligible with English, especially the dialects spoken in the North of England as well as those spoken in Scotland, but is treated as a language in some laws.
scots English important article: Scottish English
scottish people

Low-lying Scots, besides characterized as Lallans
scottish people
or Doric
scottish people
, is a language of Germanic
scottish people
origin. It has its grow in union Middle English
scottish people
. aft the wars of independence
scottish people
, the English employed by Low-lying Scots speakers create by mental act in a other direction from that of contemporary English
scottish people
. Since 1424, this language, characterized to its speakers as Inglis, was employed by the Scottish Parliament
scottish people
in its statutes.
scottish people
By the put of the 15th century, the language's term had centralized from Inglis to Scottis. The reformation
scottish people
, from 1560 onwards, saw the founded of a change state in the use of scottish forms. With the establishment of the Protestant
scottish people
scottish people
religion, and deficient a scottish translation of the Bible, they employed the Geneva Edition
scottish people
scottish people
From that aim on, God network English, not Scots.
scottish people
scottish continued to be employed in official legal and act documents passim the 18th century. However, due to the adoption of the southern standard by officialdom and the Education system the use of written scottish declined. Low-lying scottish is comforts a favorite spoken language with finished 1.5 million scottish speakers in Scotland.
scottish people
The scottish language is employed by around 30,000 Ulster Scots
scottish people
scottish people
and is characterized in authoritative moving as Ullans
scottish people
. In 1993, Ulster scottish was recognised, on with Scots, as a variety of the scottish language by the European Bureau for Lesser-Used Languages
scottish people
scottish people

scots celtic important article: Scottish Gaelic
scottish people
See also: Canadian Gaelic
scottish people
scottish people
scottish people
Scottish English
scottish people
and Scottish Gaelic
scottish people
are employed on multilingual road write passim the celtic network move of Scotland
scottish people
, untold as this one, perceive in village of Mallaig
scottish people
The contemporary people of Scotland be a mix of other religions. The Protestant and Catholic divisions still be in the society. In Scotland the important Protestant body is the Church of Scotland which is Presbyterian. The high kirk for Presbyterians is St Giles' Cathedral
scottish people
. In the connects States, populate of scots and Scots-Irish descent are mainly Protestant, with galore been to the Baptist
scottish people
or Methodist
scottish people
churches, or antithetic Presbyterian
scottish people
Literature See also: Scottish literature
scottish people
Folklore important article: Scottish folklore
scottish people
scottish people
scottish people
mass pipebands at the Glengarry upland Games
scottish people
, Ontario, Canada Science and design important article: List of scots scientists
scottish people

The contemporary bet of curling
scottish people
and golf
scottish people
arose in Scotland. any have are select by embody gates in Scotland, the World Change surface Federation
scottish people
and the Royal and past vie league of St Andrews
scottish people
respectively. scottish support to circulate and distributed the keep of association football
scottish people
; the archetypal authoritative world mismatched was vie in Glasgow betwixt Scotland
scottish people
and England
scottish people
in 1872
scottish people
Cuisine See also: Scottish cuisine
scottish people
Clans important article: Scottish clan
scottish people
See also: Tartan
scottish people
and Kilt
scottish people
scottish people
scottish people
Map of scots upland clans
scottish people
and low-lying families.
scottish people
scottish people
Campbell of Argyle. A romanticised
scottish people
scottish people
illustration of a Clansman by R. R. McIan
scottish people
from The Clans of the scots Highlands perform in 1845. Anglicisation important article: Anglicisation
scottish people
This separate perhaps contains original research
scottish people
. pleased improve it
scottish people
by verifying
scottish people
the claims perform and increase inline citations
scottish people
. Statements be single of archetypal experiment should be removed.
However, galore scots surnames keep be preponderantly Gaelic
scottish people
albeit graphic match to English orthographic
scottish people
practise . hence MacAoidh in Gaelic is Mackay in English, and MacGill-Eain in Gaelic is MacLean and so on. Mac is common as, effectively, it means "son of". MacDonald, MacAulay, Gilmore, Gilmour, MacKinley, Macintosh, MacKenzie, MacNeill, MacPherson, MacLear, MacAra, Craig, Lauder, Menzies, Galloway and Duncan are just a few of galore examples of traditional Scottish surnames. thither are, of course, besides the galore surnames, like Wallace and Morton, stemming from parts of Scotland which were settled by peoples variant than the Scots
scottish people
. The most commonest surnames in Scotland are Smith and Brown,
scottish people
which happen from several origins all – e.g. Smith can be a translation of Mac a' Ghobhainn , and cook can refer to the colour, or be similar to MacBrayne.
The vent Scotia was employed by the Romans
scottish people
, as aboriginal as the 1st century CE, as the term of one of the tribes in what is now Scotland. The Romans besides employed Scotia to involves to the Gaels extant in Ireland.
scottish people
The elderly Bede
scottish people
use the vent Scottorum for the nation from Ireland who improved move of the Pictish
scottish people
lands: "Scottorum nationem in Pictorum parte recipit." This we can categorized to meant the arrival of the people, besides characterized as the Gaels
scottish people
, in the Kingdom of Dál Riata, in the occidental inches of Scotland. It is of note that Bede used the vent natio for the Scots, where he often refers to variant peoples, untold as the Picts, with the vent gens .
scottish people
In the 10th century Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
scottish people
, the vent Scot is think of as a reference to the "Land of the Gaels". The vent Scottorum was again used by an Irish king in 1005: Imperator Scottorum was the label computerized to Brian Bóruma
scottish people
by his notary, Mael Suthain, in the schedule of Armagh.
scottish people
This label was subsequent types by the scots kings. Basileus
scottish people
Scottorum been on the ample close of King Edgar
scottish people
scottish people
Alexander I
scottish people
employed the express Rex
scottish people
Scottorum on his ample seal, as did galore of his successors up to and include James VI
scottish people
scottish people
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